Wisconsin Mortgage Corporation ranks #1 in Local Originated Loans

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Wisconsin Mortgage 2cThe Milwaukee Business Journal has recently released the largest area residential mortgage companies ranked by dollar volume of loans originated locally in 2014. Wisconsin Mortgage Corporation ranked #1 in loans originated locally with 1,418 loans in 2014.

“This is a very busy and exciting time for us at Wisconsin Mortgage Corporation,” said John Inzeo, Vice President of Wisconsin Mortgage Corporation. “This high number of loans indicates our commitment to the home purchase market. It’s very exciting to see our customers meet their homeownership goals.”


Name                                  Number of Loans Originated in 2014      Dollar volume of loans, originated locally 2014

Wisconsin Mortgage Corporation               1,418                                                                         $242 Million

Accunet Mortgage LLC                                  1,223                                                                         $256.14 Million

A+ Mortgage Services                                    872                                                                           $172.7 Million

Waterstone Mortgage Corporation            762                                                                            $140.07 Million

Assured Mortgage Inc.                                  691                                                                            $132.14 Million

Gateway Mortgage Corporation                 450                                                                             $75 Million

GSF Mortgage                                                 314                                                                             $43.01 Million

Guidance Mortgage                                       186                                                                             $42.59 Million


Wisconsin Mortgage Corporation has been providing quality home loans across Wisconsin since 1983. Through the years, Wisconsin Mortgage Corporation has always delivered the most progressive mortgage solutions available, offering a complete mortgage line of conventional and government loans.

“Our goal at Wisconsin Mortgage Corporation is to create more satisfaction and less stress. We take the time to explain all costs and answer each and every question, in terms you can understand,” Inzeo said.

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